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Niseko is located in the southwestern part of Hokkaido, in the hilly district surrounded by Mt. Yotei-zan (national park) to the east and Mt. Niseko Annupuri (quasi-national park) to the north. Niseko is only about 100 kilometers away from Sapporo, the center of Hokkaido, and has earned a worldwide reputation as an ideal ski resort in winter with the Niseko Annupuri International Ski Area and Niseko Village. However, Niseko is also known as a summer resort. The magnificent beauty of its rich nature appears in TV commercials, drawing great attention to this area, and making it well known as a leading all-season resort in Japan. In recent years, Niseko has welcomed many visitors not only from Japan but also from overseas.

Arguably the best skiing location on Earth for powder snow!

The name “Niseko” (ニセコ) means “sheer cliff” in the language of Ainu, an ethnic group indigenous to Hokkaido, while “Niseko Annupuri” (ニセコアンヌプリ) means “‘mountain with a (river which runs around the bottom of a) sheer cliff.” The volcano that dominates the Niseko area is Mt Yotei, or Yotei-san. Currently sleeping, this typical strato-volcano is 1898m high. Yotei-san was formed approximatively 10,000 years ago, its main portion being formed by lava from three eruptions. Mt Yotei’s nick name is “Ezo Fuji” as the “Fuji of Hokkaido” due to it’s resemblance with its Honshu cousin. The annual average temperature is 6.3 degrees Celsius, while the record snowfall in winter can sometimes reach up to 2 meters in depth! For ski aficionados, Niseko is definitely one of the best places to go- find out why!


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